Diet Tips 

that really work

How many of us  secretly  long for a slimmer, sleeker us? All of us perhaps.

. If only it was as easy as clicking our fingers and waking up one day,  with all of that hard work done?

Still that would take away all the fun of eating less until you've been able to sculpt for yourself, the right beachbody.

who are you going to brag to if you haven't had a few months of pain and suffering to boast about?

For all of those determind to lose weight

here are a few diet considerations, team it up with some regular exercise and you are sure to drop some pounds.


Drink water

Eat a high protein breakfast

Have WHOLE grains and cereals, oats and rye are low GI and preferred

Coffee and tea can help stimulate your metabolism

and get you moving

Sit down and eat slowly, savour each mouthful and eat less


Drink more water before and after a meal

Or have a vegetable soup before you begin

Have a good sized portion of protein

Don't neglect fruit and vegetables 

because they contain fibre which helps to remove toxins


No carbs after lunch, the afternoons are slower and you will find it harder to burn off those carbs.

A lot of people enjoy tasty steaks, fish and chicken meals at night flavoured with garlic or mustard, lemon and chilli and low GI condiments.

Soy products have estrogen-like substances in them which can inhibit weight loss.


Try cutting up some fab low calorie vegetables like asparagus, tomato, celery and carrot sticks to eat during the day.

Cheese sticks and cottage choose are other low GI treats are also high in protein. 

Boiled eggs are a popular snack for the diet conscious, they fill you up keep you going for a long time. Your body has to work hard to break them down.

How Often?

Eating regularly can make all the difference

To keep food cravings down, it is recommended that we eat a little every three to four hours.

New diets suggest that fasting by having very little to eat for two days a week, is just as effective as fasting more days, because fasting too much, slows our bodies down, so that we don't lose  weight.

When we eat dinner early and have breakfast later, then we create a situation where the body runs out of calories and has to break down fats in order to survive. It produces leptins which keep the fat moving.

Supplements like - Green Coffee Beans, African Mango and Garcinia Cambogia can help the metabolism to speed up, reduce hunger, burn fat and feel fitter, lighter and faster.

Bye Cellulite

Start off with a warm lemon and water drink

then hydrate with lots of water throughout the day

Have a drink of chlorophyll to get your lymphatic systems moving the toxins out

Exercise it Off

with a good sweaty workout.

Try a coffee scrub with some coffee and coconut oil mixed in and rub it on your problem areas.


A lot of people talk about dry brushing those trouble leg areas to stimulate the lymph nodes to remove toxins that make your skin bulge.

Running, jumping and dancing can give pump the body and keep the lymphatic system draining, making your body look leaner. 


Swimming can also help your body to tone up, the cycling motion under the water can help us to lose excess fluid in the leg area.

Stay away from too much salt, it can lead to fluid retention and make you bulge.


Try to lose weight by eating fewer carbs and going for low GI foods.

Tone up with resistance trainin.


Change between hot and cold showers to stimulate your body to move toxins.

The Day you Discovered Cellulite

Let's laugh about having dimpled skin

``Do you remember the times when you would go running along the beach with the sunshine in your back, the waves would crash at your feet and the wind would caress your face and curls?


Wasn’t life sweet before you discovered cellulite?


After that you declared war on calories and every new slice of chocolate mud cake, apple turn over and fruit topped pavlova suddenly became your enemy and were now viewed with intense suspicion.


I preferred the days when I was carefree. I’d turn up at my Nana’s on Christmas Day and stuff myself with lollies, cake and chocolate, soft drink and watermelon, until the sun went down.


Even still, there is no bringing back those indulgent times….


We cannot help what is and as we go through the day, we live with the calories that we take, one bite at a time….


 For those who like to their their best, this is no great hardship. When you see yourself in your fav clothes, it makes it all worthwhile.


Tip for today: choose wisely, because today's indulgence is tomorrow's tummy flab. 

Let's laugh about this whole thing... win or lose in the diet stakes, you might as well be happy