Now is when it happens for you.

Now is when you decide to make  a change that will help you lose the weight and get the body that you always wanted.

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Fashion Tips


You are stepping into a brand new day where anything can happen.


Embrace the good and let go of the bad.


Be the best you that you can be. Shine in the darkness, the world needs more light.

Give and make a difference to someone else's life.


Then we start to notice the flowers on the pavement, the fluffy clouds and sunshine and the cool refreshing breeze.


Our times with friends are priceless and the memories are rich and deep.


In our hearts, we know that we are headed somewhere

so much greater then what we see.

Smile and feel the joy

Look at your life and smile. The disappointments and were funny and the future is great...

Make smiling at life your new habit, it changes the way we feel. Our lives are more happy because we forget about things and smile.


Look Incredible

From the Inside Out, you shine

Make the most of yourself and cherish those around you. Attractive people are warm and engaging.

Feel Fantastic

Let your love for others warms your world.

Life is exciting and good friends make your days complete. You give and you get back. When you choose to love, good things flow your ways. Love helps you to let go of the old stuff and reach out for the new, which is so much better.

Let love fill your world and every day you will feel fantastic.

Love works best

Love works best when it is given away

How many of us enjoy that warm, cosy feeling of being loved?

We all do.

One of the really special things that happens sometimes, is when you see someone giving and loving, even when its hard. They give even when it seems like: there is nothing given back, in return.

When I see people giving up some evenings to be there for the homeless, it is so moving.

When I see people volunteer to help the addicts and the drunks, it is so precious.

When I see families rallying together in a crisis, to help each other and to reaching out to their neighbours, then that's spectacular.

When I see people reaching out to immigrants and new comers, to lonely and desperate people, just looking for a reason to live, it is s touching.

What is love, except that it embraces the poor and needy and makes room in its life for those in crisis?

Love gives and does not count the cost, love is there for others and from a place of love

we live. When I find it hard to love I listen to Hillsong or watch it on Youtube and it gets easier.

When I think of Love

When I think about love, I remember my Grandmother, she was always so kind and so sweet.

When she knew that we were coming she would pack the table with  chocolates and sweets, cold drinks and fresh cut fruits. 

She smiled often and had a sparkle in her eyes as she spoke to us. She and was always so excited to hear what we told her. Our little stories always seemed so amazing to her.

When we called out to her name, she would eagerly come rushing over, nothing was ever too much trouble. She always made everything lovely again.

The special people, never die, they live on in our hearts and bring us love and joy, still.