Poems are about our souls

Every poem that we love comes from the heart and soul and so touches us.


When someone is sweet, they right sweet things. These are my favourite poems to read.


All of those honey-drippers out there take heart. I have dedicated this page to you. You are the kind of peace who love that place of calm, like to write about beautiful things.


It'feels so good to write from the heart, even if you have never tried it, why not have a go. Take a deep breath and find some amazing natural scenery and let those creative juices flow.


I have included a poem of my own and hope to hear from you and to read your poems.


the snowflake settled nervously on the leaf

the light sprayed through

the moving foliage

i saw a shimmer

it's almost as if it dances '

i watch it mesmerised

who made this piece of fractured elegance?

who told the ice to join up hands?


the flake glistened and then fell

like dewdrops

with sudden ease

the spectacle was over 


and I was left to wonder at

the icy leaf

now lying in the snow