Parenthood is knocking on your door

Your child is on the way or already here. Life is peaches and cream. 


You begin by holding them in your arms and watching them grow. You wonder about their lives....


Will they be builders, doctors or lawyers? 


Will their days be sweet and sunny?

 As parents we can get them started just right. Let me show you how.





What to do to get ready for the baby

There is a good way of doing things and a bad way, as a school teacher I have seen a lot of families. Here is the good way.

With a new baby on the way or already here there is so much forward to, so much to get excited about. 


From What about those first smiles, reaching for your hand or waking up to the babbling of a happy baby? Ah that will be so nice… even the thought of it makes us smile.


We want everything to be perfect, we want everything to be wonderful for our bundle joy... if only we knew where to begin, if only we knew what would  work.


The good news is that there are a few simple things that you can do, that will help make that first year run smoothly.

  1. Invest in a rocking chair. It is soothing for the baby, who will be reminded of the times in the womb when Mum walked along carrying them. It will help them to drift off to sleep in your arms, but eeven if they don’t sleep you will be comforted by the rocking and feel more able to deal with it.

  2. Get one of those baby carriers (that offers some neck support for bubby). They will like feeling close and snug to you and your man. They will be close enough to feel you carry them and listen to your heartbeat.  This is comforting for them and helps them drift off to sleep.

  3. Wrapping their arms up tightly helps them from becoming startled as they sleep and move their arms. There are some great stretchy knitted light blankets, that work well to keep them secure. In the hot weather I would use a muslin wrap, which helped them stay cool. They are also good as a shade cloth for hanging down from the pram to keep the sun off them.

  4. Get a mobile for them to look up at and watch as they lie awake.

  5. Some parents love to take their newborn for late night car rides, the scenery isn’t great, but it can be just the thing to get them off to sleep.

  6. Heat some lavender oil in a diffuser to help them feel calm.

  7. Giving them a deep long warm bath can help them to relax. It may take a bit of time for them to get used to. Persist. After a while they will enjoy having a little kick and play in the bath. Wrap them snugly in a dry towel as soon as they leave the water. I often heated the room first to make it nice for them.

  8. We can supplements their milk with Baby Probiotics. These will help them to break down and turn the milk into the things that they need. Without good gut bacteria an infant can become more prone to sickness. The gut is called the "little brain" so if this is working well, then brain development will also be good.

  9. If you are breast feeding and you want to increase your infants immunity, because sickness is going around and perhaps they have been getting a bit sniffly, then increase the Vitamins A and C, and consider having some Olive Leaf Tablets. The baby will receive what it needs from you and enjoy better health. Spraying the room with a dilute Tea Tree Oil spray and changing the sheets often will also help. An air humidifier will work wonders to  clear their air passages so that they are not sniffling and coughing through the night. Fresh air and a bit of sunshine in the day can give them some relief as long as it is not too cold.
  10. Babies have radar, they can  read your emotions and respond to them. If you are nervous and anxious, they will pick it up and react to it, especially some babies. So yourself a favour and relax. Decide to love and nurture your baby, even when they are being difficult. Over time, the love  that you bestow on brings a peace and calm, like nothing else. When you look at an infant or child that has been loved, they are happy and relaxed. You instantly feel the same feelings for them, that the parents have expressed.


We can have such an special effect on our children, when we choose to love them. 


Looking back at those early days if I have a regret is that I found out about these things later on. They work a treat and hope that make them most of them as you prepare for motherhood... if can be such a wonderful time.

Helping them through the Developmental Milestones

During the first year..

Many experts will tell you about the importance of "tummy time".


This Which is the time that you lie your buddies on the floor on a flannel on their tummy and let them learn to lift their heads. Later on they will push themselves us higher with their hands until they can roll and be extend their arms fully to be straight, ready to crawl.

Learning to move is an extremely important part of their development. Children who learn to move well early on, often have less difficulty learning then those who don't. Learning to move helps them to learn to think.

Many babies don't like lying on their tummies and complain. We can make it nicer for themby sitting back on the lounge or rocker and let them lean against us, gradually making it more and more flat for them so that they slowly learn to take more weight and push themselves up.

Babies often love watching mobiles hanging overhead. It can keep them entertained  and help train their eyes to focus.

Reaching out for objects that are enticing to touch helps with their hand and eye co ordination.

Rolling helps them to learn about balance and co-ordination. Whislt crawling gets both sides of the brain linked, which helps with speaking and learning.

When children are slow in these areas we can lie them on the bed and adjust their bodies, pushing them gently to show them how to roll, or lying them on their backs and moving their arms and legs as they would if they were crawling. 

(With opposite hands and feet moving at the same time.)

Some parents are in a race to see the stand  up and walk. Don't be, crawling does a lot  to help the brain integrate, let them go as long as they like. They will stand up when they are ready, don't bring it on prematurely.

We can sing nursery rhymes and play games like "Peek a boo" with them as they get older. They will love  playing "Round and Round the garden..." types of songs with you that have hand actions and tickling or laughing at the end.

We engage with with smiling and eye contact and gentle words. We use their name when we want their  attention. As they get older say things like "Ta" to them as we present them with toys that they want. They will understand more that they can speak and enjoy hearing your voice.

If your baby becomes agitated you might be able to distract them with a soft toy waved in front of them.


If they are reluctant to eat then why not turn it into a game? Try making your spoonfuls like planes whizzing by, give them some sound effects. You might find  that they will be happier to have their food. Stress can spoil a good meal.