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The Man Factor

February 13, 2018

I have two teenage sons, when I try to tell them things, their eyes can glaze over, but when a man speaks to them, they are all ears….



It’s as if there is something inside a man that says – I have all the answers, you can trust me… and they do.


When a male teacher walks into the high school classroom, it's often all hands on deck, the guys want to hear from him, but when a woman walks in, she better be really mean and tough, because she has to fight for her turf. They guys often do not want to hear from her. It is as, it is beneath them.


When I have made the mistake of trying to teach in a high school classroom: I look like Mum, I sound like Mum and I am treated like Mum. The word doormat comes to mind and I feel like I have to wipe the scuff marks off before I leave.


What is it about men, that gives them an ease in leading other people? Is it their ability to arouse respect in other males? Is it the authority in their voice or the belief that only they can fulfil this role? Who knows?


Where ever they go there is often a sense of order and diplomacy. It is like they were made to rule.

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