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Confessions of a dieter, 4

February 6, 2018

Do you remember the times when you would go running along the beach with the sunshine in your back, the waves would crash at your feet and the wind would caress your face and curls?


Wasn’t life sweet before you discovered cellulite?


After that you declared war on calories and every new slice of chocolate mud cake, apple turn over and fruit topped pavlova suddenly became your enemy and were now viewed with intense suspicion.


I preferred the days when I was carefree. I’d turn up at my Nana’s on Christmas Day and stuff myself with lollies, cake and chocolate, soft drink and watermelon, until the sun went down.


Even still, there is no bringing back those indulgent times….


We cannot help what is and as we go through the day, we live with the calories that we take, one bite at a time….


 For those who like to their their best, this is no great hardship. When you see yourself in your fav clothes, it makes it all worthwhile.


Tip for today: choose wisely, because today's indulgence is tomorrow's tummy flab. 



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