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Choose love

February 6, 2018

Deep in the heart of every child is the dream of being loved and


cherished for who they are.


They shouldn’t have to earn our love, we love them as they are, as they sit, as they breathe: we love them because they are precious in our sight. They do not have to be the biggest and the best, they  do not have to compete for our love or our attention, we give it to them willingly because they are ours and they deserve it.


In this life, we can spend time together as a family, resenting the things that we do or the money that we spend. Our time at home can be a chore and our children a trial… but this kind of home does not breed love and gratitude. It breeds hatred and rebellion.


When we choose to flow out of love looking to give and nurture and overlook, then children shine.


But when we make selfishness our goal and decide that our children are a burden that we endure, then they are wounded and the injuries that we give them, can scar them and set them up for other people who will also wound them.


The start that we give them, will mark them for an amazing life or a tragic one. It is up to us.


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  • Natasha Eadie

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