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A look in the mirror

February 6, 2018

There’s Fred, pulling the dog’s tail again. Jeremy’s jumping on the lounge and Lucy who won’t brush her hair.


We can find ourselves wondering why our children have these peculiar habits. Is it all your partners fault or is there some others reason?


Maybe it’s their diet, perhaps they’ve been eating too much sugar or maybe. Maybes they’ve just been cooped up inside all day and are just trying to burn off some energy or perhaps the electronic games, ipad and TV are making them hyper… it could be.


But we can also find is that  the apple doesn’t fall afar from the tree. Often our children have the very same problems that we have, they are a copy of us. The untidy room or messy hair, might just be symptomatic of having carefree parents who are more concerned about other things….



When we see certain things, highlighted in our children, then we can edge one step closer to fixing them up in ourselves.


For better or worse: they are products of who we are and what we do. They mirror us.


When we deal with our issues, then they will improve.


We just have to step into that place or making room for change.

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