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February 3, 2018

I have been an educator of nearly 30 years and a parent for almost 20. Children are a big part of my life

During that time I have been connected with 100s of families


I have seen what works and what doesn’t


I would like to talk about something that all good families have and that is disciple.


This word has gone out of vogue, not because it is a terrible word, but because people have failed to understand how beautiful it is.


When we correct children, we are showing them where the boundaries are, we are setting them up for success in life, because when they go up, the need for and restraint goes on.


When we correct them gently, we are showing them, that they are still loved and connected with us, we are still part of the same team, but we just need to change a few things then everything will be even better


When we live out of a place of love and concern for our children, they grow up strong and confident, and are attentive to what we say. They take corrections in their stride, because they are deeply rooted in our affection and know it. Naturally we take the time to enjoy their company and encourage them to thrive in their daily lives


 When I think of the great poets, leaders and treasured friends, they all had a healthy self-discipline that enabled them to reach their goals and made them kind and good people. Surely that is what we would want for our children.


Discipline is not an ugly word, given from a place of gentleness, it can build our relationships and set up our children to achieve and flourish in their lives.



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