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Confessions of a Dieter, 2

January 29, 2018

Normally, I’m not a big fan of ice-cream. I buy it for the children, we get Neapolitan because then everybody gets their favourite flavour.


I don’t have time for ice-cream, I have serious things to do with my time - like diet.


The regime goes something like this. I have fluids when I am hungry and I eat steak or eggs: when I am not. There is a reason eating these foods -  because they are so hard to digest – they actually burn calories - I am told ?!?!


(I sometimes wonder about some of these weird dieting facts


 you learn, they’re probably circulated by the same people who believe that the world is flat, because they seem equally silly.)


It’s a challenging life, some people might even call it torturous. You could even say that the agony we suffer for our beauty is right up there with leg waxing and  foot embalming, never the less I accept it along with hordes of other women.


I think we would rather be uncomfortable sometimes about eating, then risk eating anything and winding up looking like a plump Christmas turkey.


I do splash out from time to time and treat myself with a mouthful of chocolate cake or a slice of supreme pizza.


When you are a round the clock dieter, then you can start getting weary and by afternoon even Neapolitan ice-cream looks appealing.


And for today’s weight loss tip. Graze through the day - having a few bits of salad,egg or tuna every few hours and then the temptation to binge on a tub full of ice-cream, a fist full of smarties or a pack filled with chips will not be so overwhelming for you. Your happy little diet, will remain intact because you’ve kept up your energy.

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