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Confessions of a Dieter, 1

January 27, 2018

Sweets, don't they look good - coloured and striped, spotted and plain? I like the chocolate ones the best.


They can be so alluring. Even on the way out of the checkout I find myself wrestling to look ahead, trying to avoid seeing: the bright array of confectionary wrappers, placed near my view.


And there it is, the best one of  all the  "Chocolate Slab", that creamy, milk chocolate bar, finished off which a handful of crunchy peanuts... looking right up at me...


It melts in your mouth and brings a smile to your face.


If I just have one, then maybe it won't be so bad... nuts have protein... it should keep me going for ages.... but then I am trying to stick to the diet...


The battle is intense, your mouth becomes desperate and overrides the mind. It's worth it, it should keep me going just 'til I get home.


You bite right into it and the taste was far better than you remember it. It was worth it.


Too much dieting is wearing me out, perhaps I should have another one... But it's too late the shop is passed and the car lies ahead.


That was close... the Chocolate Slab nearly got the better of me... what a shocker, why did they have to make them so nice?


I made a mental note to myself - Never shop hungry. 


(This is my first diet tip for all of those eager to lose some weight. Stay tuned, in the


next few weeks: more will follow soon....)





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