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Sitting on the Train

January 25, 2018

Sitting in the train is one of the most universal experiences known to many a man. There are trains in the north and trains in the south, trains to the east and trains to the west, busy trains, slow trains, fast trains and cargo trains... are you starting to get that sitting on a train experience?


Good. Then without really trying, I have made my point: that trains are boring.


Especially these days.


You walk into a carriage and there is stony silence, except for the odd stirring as someone switches hands with their iphone, not a sound can be heard.


If you cough then you feel guilty, if you sneeze, you feel like skulking out of the carriage where you can stand ashamed in the naughty corner.


I had to whisper to ask a question, but even this was incredibly risky. I felt their cold, critical stares baring down on my fleshy white neck... it's just not done, they seemed to be saying to me with their menacing looks....


NO noise has become the new norm. 


I remember the good old days, when I was in high school, you used to clammer into the train laughing and chatting with your friends.


There would be hats snatched and tossed, bags would be hidden from unsuspecting students, half lunches were shared around and  finished off .


Then finally the train would read their stop and then the boys would thunder out and rumblesin the corridors to see who could make it out first. They were the days.


Trains were fun. We didn't need cell phones, we were the entertainment and when we stepped onto the train, they were treated to a spectacle. 


It's time to 

bring back fun.




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