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First Baby

January 24, 2018


What is it about waiting for the first born that both amazes and terrifies us?


Is it the thought of hugging a cute little bundle of joy, that we look so much forward to? What about those cute little smiles, reaching for Daddy’s hand or waking up to the babbling of a baby? Ah that will be so nice… even the thought of it makes us smile.


But behind those smiles is the reality that not all that glitters is gold. There are poopy nappies, sleepless nights and blood-curdling  screams that wake you near the crack of dawn. Those elegant looks and leisurely dinners that you became familiar with as a young couple, can be replaced by bedraggled “pyjama days” with tantrums for dessert.



For some it the fear of the unknown that quietly terrifies them… What if we drop him… what if she has colic screams instead of sleeping? Ouch.


The good news is that there are a few simple things that you can do, that will make all of the difference.

  1. Invest in a rocking chair. It is soothing for the baby, who will be reminded of the times in the womb when Mum walked along carrying them. Even if they don’t sleep you will be comforted by the rocking and feel more able to deal with it.

  2. Get one of those baby carries (that offers some neck support for bubby). They will like feeling close and snug to you. Being close enough to feel you carry them and listen to your heartbeat and breathing is familiar to them and helps put them at ease so that they can sleep.

  3. Some parents love to take their newborn for late night car rides, the scenery isn’t great, but it can be just the thing to get them off to sleep.

  4. Some of the most settled little ones, came from couples who believed that having a perfect baby was possible, they prayed and relaxed about the whole thing and sure enough, they had angelic children.

  5. Babies have radar, they can read your emotions and respond to them. If you are nervous and anxious, they will pick it up and react to it, especially some babies. So yourself a favour and relax. Decide to love and nurture your baby, even when they are being difficult. Over time, the love and affection that you bestow on brings a peace and calm, like nothing else. When you look at an infant or child that has been loved, they are happy and relaxed. You instantly feel the same feelings for them, that the parents have expressed.


Is having adorable, settled infants really so hard?

We can have such an special effect on our children, when we choose to love them.

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