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Hot Pink Lipstick

January 20, 2018

I was all set to get my driver's licence renewed that day. I didn't have a car, but being the young thing that I was, having an ID  in the form of a licence, could come in handy.


I pulled myself out of bed at about 10.30am and got ready. The curtains were still pulled across, but I didn't let that bother me too much.


This was an important day today, I had to look my best.

Hot pink was the obvious colour choice. I reached for the  lipstick and rouge and adorned my face.


The bright sun hit my face and made my eyes squint. Summer was here and I was in for a roasting.


Having make up on, made me feel special, it was like everyone was noticing me and they were.


The lady at the Motor Registry Office looked at me intensely and gave me a second hard stare.


"Goodness me.... what was her problem? Hot pink lipstick is IT," I thought  to myself.


I had to sit and wait for my turn and took the opportunity to go to the bathroom. And there staring at me back from the mirror was the most hideously made up woman that I had ever seen.


Those dim lights at home, were no help in getting ready. I compensated for the poor lighting by making the makeup so dark, that it looked silly. Those once sultry, bronze tones were replaced by bright lolly- pink cheeks and I felt like a clown.


"Oh, no... to think that I was nearly snapped looking like this... there is a God after all...." I rubbed at face until I had uncovered some softer tones. I picked up my dignity and faced the woman at the front counter again.


She sat me in a chair and the light flashed. Then I collected



the licence and the picture was fine. 


"What a relief... it feels so good to be saved from that ugly fate... imagine having to  be identified as a clown for the next few years..." I smiled to myself.


I guess anyone could have made that mistake.


With the day half over I went off to walk by the sand on Manly Beach. Hot pink lipstick, was not my favourite colour anymore.




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