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My Littlest Angel

January 16, 2018




When she came to me, it’s like she still had wings. She was very sweet, but that wasn’t all, she liked to move fast.


A trip to the grocery store is not quite the same when she comes along.  Her first goal is  to take the trolley and accelerate off into the distance so that she can have her wicked way with it.


I always know where she is because as I scan the store I see the trolley flash past at tremendous speed with her hanging onto to the handle bar, balancing off the ground. She treats the supermarket as her theme park and hadn’t yet realised that aisles are for walking down.


Needless to say, I am quick these days at taking the helm and push the trolley around for myself. Having being beaten she turns her attention to simpler pleasures like trying to load the trolley with junk food when I am not looking. Hmm….


She excels at pushing the envelope. A trip to the pool is not complete without backflips and handstands.


On the ski slopes she loves a good run. It never bothers her, the fact that she isn’t very good at turning, she goes straight down the mountain, with the odd snow plough.


Speed was where it’s at for her, so style can be compromised.


We all know that a clothesline is for hanging up the clothes, but that’s not how she sees it. For her it’s something you spin around on, to get really good ride.


There's nothing like having a really good chuckle my expense. If I bump my head, spill the coffee or trip on a cord, she is there bursting with raucous laughter.


It's not very comforting. But I love her still.


Our children are a gift and every one of them a rare treasure, too exquisite not to cherish and uphold.

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