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Why wait?

January 15, 2018

Wait is a four letter word.


When we think of waiting, we think being stuck at the Bus Stop in the pouring rain.


We think of the taxi trip that detours across to the other end of town.


We think of the Sales queue that just keeps getting longer, in front of you.


Or we think of the Christmas that seems to be miles away in December. Then finally the thought of waiting any longer makes you snap and in protest you open up your presents early.


But waiting, isn't really about rushing ahead and doing things anyway or about pining away until you think that you're going to drop.


It's about enjoying the moment, it's about drinking in the wonder of  NOW and making it work for you.


Take your quiet times and fill them up with happy thoughts about the people you love. Think about ways to make things nice for them. Smile everytime you find the time to cherish those near and dear to you. You might as well make the most of it.


Make use of waiting. Turn pauses into opportunities when you can do the things that are important to you like enjoying a book, trying out a new recipe, finding the right outfit and or helping out someone who is down. 


Life isn't just about receiving it's giving.


Life has to be bigger than our arriving, it's also about our becoming.


People who enjoy the now, even when things don't go their way are attractive people. We want to be around them because they have the knack of bringing sunshine wherever they go. 


A sweet attitude brightens our days.


Don't waste your time waiting when you could be making the most of


 the moment.




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