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My Special Son

January 15, 2018


Every now and then you come across someone who is a little bit funny. I have someone living with me, he is my eighteen year old son.


When he goes off to saw the overhanging branches on the path to the car, I have to make sure that he doesn't cut down the tree as well, sometimes his enthusiasm can get the better of him and entire shrubs have disappeared over night.


If he buys a belt and its too large, no problem. He will take it to the shoe repairman and get a few more holes put it. Then if he changes his mind, he thinks nothing of taking it back to the shop and demanding his money back, which he always gets. Nobody argues with my son, he is so emphatic, they wouldn't dare. It's not good for business.


When I go shopping, it is useful to have him along. If a careless woman crosses our path and lingers there too long, he calls out to them saying, "Get out of the way, lady." They move off promptly, wouldn't you?


You can expect the unexpected with him.


He does have an endearing side. He is sweet and kind, and if he is buying himself a treat, he will often get a second one for somebody else as well.


He is interested in making new friends and likes to show them his funny faces.


There's a part of him that may never grow up and why should it? He is who he is. Being a parent isn't just about changing people, its about learning to enjoy where they are at.


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