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Why did God Make...?

January 13, 2018

Every now and then I sneak a peek into mirror and what should come staring back at me but a few spots of cellulite?  Ahhh.


I don't mind that I am tall, or that my eyes are brown and that my feet are wide, but I take exception to spongy thighs. Who needs them?


You walk and you swim, you diet and you scrub, but those blobs of fatty tissue want to stay with you all Summer... what is going on?


Why did God make cellulite?


Perhaps it was the same reason why God made bugs... they are gentle reminders that we have been a bit sloppy about where we put our food, and if we put all of the food that we see into our tiny little mouths, then sooner or later it will reappear as cellulite....


There is a raw justice in the ways things work out. As much as I would like to blame somebody else, it is probably my fault, which means that I am just the one who can fix it up. 


(If you are interested in some practical solutions to this small problem, then check out the short section on cellulite in the Beauty section. Enjoy.)




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