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3am Blogger

January 14, 2018

This 3am blogging has just got to stop. The morning just comes around way to too fast and before I know it, we’re making lunch.


Staying up that late can mean that you can miss out on the important things like going to church in the mornings or fixing your hair before you step out to greet the world.


Having just bits of sleep, at the end of the night can make the rest of day can feel like a prolonged dream….


What drives a person to blog and pour out their souls: at such a formidable hour?


Is it silence that draws them?  By 3am the house is still and  quiet and they can find themselves and process the day….


3am can be a peculiar time when their reality is stretched and they can find that even talking about mundane things: can be appealing.


By 3am they have absolutely no more inhibitions left and


 are ready to tell people about their deepest secrets, their most embarrassing moments or even their most profound thoughts…


3am is not a time to be toyed with, if you are up then, then you ready need to make it happen and if you are a blogger, then you know what happens next.

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