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Finding the Right One

January 5, 2018

How many of us spend our days, secretly looking around. I wonder if I will wind up with this guy? No, maybe this one... he's kind of nice... but too tall and skinny. I like the chunky ones. A man ought to look like a man.


We get our lists out, this is what they must be like - funny, intelligent, kind and playful... and they better meet our expectations of else... they better be so close to perfect, or else, it's "Goodbye Charlie".


I remember those days... when nobody seemed to match up... after a while I decided to turn the list on me... what would an ideal man want in a wife? What would she be like?


Men like to look at attractive women, but that can't be all that she has to offer, or he will lose interest in her. Afterall there are a lot of good looking girls out there.


She needs to meet his needs for companionship and for respect. She would be someone to look forwards to seeing, someone who would give his day a lift. If she is sweet and kind, then it will help him to relax and feel that he can let his guard down.  If she is happy and confident, then he will enjoy talking to her and taking her places.


Desperate woman, attract lovers, but not soulmates. They go through life wanting to be treasured, but only feeling used. At the end of the day, we want to be loved for who we are, not simply because we are "available" in bed.


Sometimes women seek out relationships because they are really unhappy, then when they are in a relationship, they make the other person miserable, by dumping on them. You much better sorting out your issues with some professional help, if you need it, then looking for a man to sort you out.


The you will be ready to be that ideal woman for somebody else.




Often when people: stop searching, stop striving and stop imagining that this relationship is going to someone  fix a whole bunch of things in their life, then they meet someone really special.


We are here to give and when we nurture those inner qualities, that make us a good friends then we will be sought out and treasured.

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