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Ways to Cure Anxiety and Depression

December 20, 2017

Being anxious or depressed is not much fun, but it is curable.Most of us at some point in our lives are worried or down about something. There a number of simple things that we can do to step on the road back to a happy life. 

  1. Decide that you deserve to be relaxed and happy every day. A lot of the people around you are doing well, so why not you?

  2. Spend time laughing everyday. Watch things that make you laugh. ("Just for Gags" and "Fail Army" on YouTube, can be really funny.)

  3. Look for funny images and cartoons, make a file on the computer and pull them out at a low time for a quick refresh. Replace sad, bad thoughts with laughter. We can't always change our circumstances, but we can change our outlook, so make room to laugh even in a tough place.

  4. Plan to be happy and squeeze into your day things to look forwards to. That way you are not just having a good time, but excited about what lies ahead.

  5. Get some more adventure in your life. Do new things and see new sights. Go bushing walking, camping, exploring and site seeing.

  6. Take a tour around your country or hop on a cruise ship to a foreign destination. Go places that you have never been before. The world is a wonderful place.

  7. Step it up a level and go trekking across the Himalayas, through the Amazon Jungle, visit Antarctica, walk the Milford Track or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Add to your adventure a new level of excitement and challenge.

  8. If ordinary life is dull and boring why not try paragliding, sky diving and kayaking down the rapids? There are bungee jumps and balloons to fly balloons, aerial trapeze training and rock climbing centres to be found in large city areas. Fill your life with something amazing to get your adrenaline racing.

  9. Not everybody thrives on roller coaster kind of excitement. Instead catch up with friends for coffee and head off for some "retail therapy".

  10. Have a really good night sleep. It helps you to feel great the next day. Don't let those electronic devices keep you up half the night. Get a wind down routine in place. Switch them off two hours before bedtime and have a warm relaxing bath. Add some Epsom Salts to really relax you. Your active time outdoors takes away a lot of nervous energy and helps you to wind down at night. Enjoy your days and finish off with a long, restful sleep and wake up smiling.










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