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Now don't be shy

December 16, 2017



There’s always a party or a new group of people that we are trying to connect with. It can be stressful, even thinking about it. If we begin thinking thoughts like  - “Nobody is going to talk to me,”  then we will look awkward and will probably find that no one will come over and talk to us. Worrying can sets us up for failure.


So the next time we are confronted with this kind of negative thought, we need to shake it off. it will not help you to make friends.


If we are invited to a party and its shyness we battle with,  we can begin with thoughts like: “ I am looking forwards to see Julie and Sue they are always so much fun to hang out with.” Teaming up with our friends is a great way to beat stress over the head. All of a sudden the party is not overwhelming us, because we have created a way to feel happy and comfortable about it.


In a new setting we can find ourselves clamming up, not knowing what to say. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips to overcome this stressful situation and to talk to people with a new ease:


  1. Look around for people that are like you in their dress styles and demeanour. If they seem equally conservative, quiet and shy too, then we might be right at home talking to them.

  2. Begin a conversation by talking about things that you have in common, like the weather, the same teachers or same sporting/interest group. Keep it be warm and natural, smile and talk gently, this will help to engage your listeners.

  3. Encourage them to talk by taking an interest in what they have to say and ask a few questions

  4. Be true to yourself and who you are, be genuine and people will like you for it

  5. Optimism opens doors, be positive and upbeat in what you talk about. It is draining to talk to someone who is always whingeing.


I have been to a lot of parties and gatherings over the years, when I decide to go in primed up to happy and confident in who I am, it makes all the difference. I walk in calmly and go up to people that I know, or those who are standing alone and make conversation with them. Start small and look for people in a similar situation, they will probably also be looking for someone to talk to .


First impressions mean a lot and will either advantage or disadvantage you. Smile. It will make all the difference. Remember all of those good traits that you have, write a list and read it aloud. Let confidence well up inside of you. Decide to believe in yourself. You are an amazing person.














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