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Look Incredible

December 2, 2017

Look Incredible, if you dare, but it is not always that straight forwards .



You look in the mirror, are you really the most gorgeous and glamorous or is it someone else?  Selena Gomez,  Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande… seems streets ahead. What went wrong with your hairstyle... am I really that fat? 


Let it go, nobody is the “right shape”. It’s not about being just like a star, or being really skinny or super curvaceous, it’s about being you and loving it.


When I think about some of the most attractive women to grace the big screen and magazine covers, I wonder that they weren’t all the same size, they were different, but still managed to dazzle us. Size doesn’t matter, attitude does. Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Pamela Anderson, Mariah Carey are buxom but gorgeous. Others more slimline like Grace Kelly, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Hillary Duff, but all of these women never fail to leave an impression. 


You are what you are. Take your special shape and and make the most of it. Everyday we can feel light and easy when we have the right attitude.


When you decide that you are amazing, then you will look for ways to accentuate your natural beauty. Your sparkling brown eyes, your flowing hair or your tiny waistline can become a real feature in an outfit. It’s fun to shop around until you find the right outfits that make your body look perfect.


You have it in you to look incredible. We all have that special something that makes us gorgeous, so why not unleash it?


The difference between a top model and a school girl, is not always looks. Some schools girls are just as gorgeous. The difference is in how they see themselves. If you are more confident then you stand have more poise and elegance. A little voice inside of you will tell you to seek out better clothes. You will spend time studying hairstyles and makeup to work out what looks best on you. In the end look more alluring.


We need to believe that we are attractive, before other people will think so. It begins with us.


We have all seen those makeovers with ordinary looking girls, suddenly in makeup, with fashionable hairstyles and the latest clothing and finishing up looking incredible. We can all look incredible, if we choose the right tools, get the right help and adopt the right attitude. There are lots of experts out there ready to take you natural assets and make them shine.



The hairdresser will not only take into account your style, but your personality, some people are suited to more conservative styles and others to more outgoing designs. They will give you different options and may show you some photos, go in with some ideas and see what they suggest. Not all hair dressers were created equal, go back to the ones that you like.


Makeup is interesting, in some people’s minds – the thicker the better. My personal favourite is natural looking shades. I will use makeup to complement my earth tones colouring. Really bright, garish colours can look harsh or out of place. Be true to yourself and the colouring that you have. Remember that you really are incredible.


There is clothing to suit every body shape and colouring. If you don’t know what looks good on you then go shopping with someone  that does or, ask a shop keeper for their advice, it’s often very good. When you choose new clothes take your time. There more that you shop around and try on different clothes, the easier it gets to find what looks right for you. Be prepared to take chances in trying on new styles. It can be surprising what looks good on you.


Colours in clothing will either make you look fantastic or terrible. I have Autumn tones in my skin and look best in gold, orange, red, green and bronze, they work for me. Pink is a disaster, black saps the life out of me but white lifts my complexion. The next time you go shopping, hold a new outfit next to your face, does the colouring suit? Try different shades  and colours to see what makes you look amazing.


Getting the right style too, is important. Not every item of clothing that you see is flattering, you have to be savvy to look good. Some girls have a way of sending out the - look at me message. Their short shorts and skimpy tops can make them look desperate. It’s overkill. You can look gorgeous, but don’t try too hard. Life is to be enjoyed. Love your time being young and carefree, you are only there once.


When we celebrate who we are in our grooming  and clothing, then people around us find us more attractive. This is just the beginning of a really great day.


When you decide that you are worth it get the advice that you need to look incredible. It's really not that hard, just believe in yourself a little bit more and everything else falls into place.




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