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Think Amazing

December 1, 2017


The days open our in front of us and stretch into the sunset. There are friends and parties, sleepovers and shopping… Does life really get any better than this?


Thinking amazing happens when we realize just how amazing life is and live grateful. There are so many wonderful things going on everyday, right in front of us.


The sun rises every morning and gives us a brand new day. The breeze blows and brings us a refreshing, cool change, the clouds part and we feel the sun on our skin, the squirrels, possums and birds all find a home for themselves on the trees.


The world we have is so precious and so intriguing, how can not feel so much gratitude in our hearts for everyday.


There are some people who always that this positive- they think amazing about everything and never take disappointments too much to heart. They are determined to always bounce back, this has become a habit for them. They are hopeful and motivated, because every day, they believe, is sweet for them.


These kinds of people who - think amazing make sure that their days work for them. This gives makes them happy and confident to be around. They: listen to music that they love, they watch favourite programs, they wear clothes that they love, they read amazing books and eat the food that they love. It’s win, win, win. These a lot to celebrate about this kind of day, there is a lot to make them smile about at night as they think about the great time they’ve have had. (There is another hint. If we want to get closer to this ideal, then choose for yourself this kind of fun day and at night think about all those great things that you did. Thinking amazing couldn’t be easier.)


Some friends are more upbeat then others, because we are smart we major on the positive ones, it will lift our day. Hanging around these kinds of people help us to cruise through life, and become more hopeful and optimistic.


These kinds of attitudes are very appealing and will open up doors for you.


A warm, friendly face is attractive and invites you in, you want to be friends with these kinds of people. becoming more optimistic changes the dynamic in the family. A future employer will impressed by your enthusiastic beaming smile.


We have the life that we choose and it just keeps on getting better when we think amazing.




Think amazing and you’ll be surprised where it will take you.

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