Improving Sleep

How to Improve Sleep?

When we get them off to bed at a good hour, it works well for everyone.

Here are some tips for a good night's sleep.


Some people wake up feeling stressed because they haven’t had enough rest. Having around least 8 to 10 hours in a nice quiet, dark room will make a big difference. You will waked up feeling more refreshed and relaxed. As you near bed time sleep the body produces Melatonin, which helps you to drift off and to wake happy, but not everyone has enough melatonin in their system.


A good relaxing night’s sleep often being with an early start and lots of sunshine, this is relaxing and helps the body to naturally produce more feel good melatonin.  Sunshine on your skin produces vitamin D which is also calming. Those tanned people are often smiling for a reason.

Some people like to have chamomile teas before bed, or herbs like valerian, hops and passionflower. These can also help.


Probably the most effective thing is to get into a night time routine. Have dinner and a bath or foot soak. Add some EPSOM SALTS (which is very relaxing) along with some drops of Lavender oil and luxuriate and finish with a good book.


Turning off electronic devices a couple of hours ahead of time also helps. The computer screen will keep you alert, even if -you are really exhausted. If I have coffee or tea past 4pm, it can make it harder to get to be and sleep before 12pm. Caffeine will keep you awake. Milk on the other hand can help to settle you for a good rest.


Having a really good night’s sleep fpor you and your family. This will really help to set you up for a great next day.