Get Fit Fast

Fast track your way to getting fitter

Life is busy and as we rush around after other people, find ourselves neglecting our own fitness... do we really have time?

There is always time.

When you look after you, then you'll find it so much easier to look after them.

Here's how to get fitter faster -

Make time for yourself  a few times a week when you can hit the gym or do some of your favourite activities.

Set realistic goals building up gradually or you will get frustrated and not want to continue.

Combine it with a high protein, low carb diet and you will lose some weight along the way.

Make being fitter enjoyable. Do what you already adn rev it up a bit with more intensity and length.

Swim, jump rope, dance, ride a bike, shovel snow,  give your exercise bike a spin, go kayaking or start an aerobics class and make it your aim to do it harder and faster from week to week and you are on your way to a fitter body


Start off with about 20 minutes of activity at  a time - which for most of us is doable. Keep working on it a couple of times a week and you will feel the benefits of it.


You will find that you  have more vitality in your day to do the things that you have to do.

Specific Exercises

Go hard on the treadmill holding 4lb (2kg) dumbbells for ten minute sessions.


Do some interval training, going fast then slow for 400 metre bursts to build endurance. Finish off with some squats against the wall.

Build skipping into your regime and try doubling the speed.

Doing plyos with loads of jumping and stepping onto boxes and stands, getting you pumping and give you a great leg workout.

For those of us too busy to get to the gym, we have our everyday lives to get fit on. There are exercise bikes and treadmills to sprint on and stairs to rush up, bags of potatoes and young children  to carry. We can juggle all kinds of things through our days and with a little bit of imagination turn them into an ideal workout, just right for us.

When we keep on maintaining our training goals and watch what we eat, then we will achieve results. Having goals like looking great at the beach next week help to motivate us to go the extra mile.


Combining our efforts with a high protein, low carb ketogenic diet, will help us to achieve a lean, stronger physique and make fitness more achievable.

Supplements like - Green Coffee Beans, African Mango and Garcinia Cambogia can help the metabolism to speedup. You will burn more fat and feel fitter, lighter and faster.

Don't forget to eat those chilli peppers to get those fat burners going.