Let me tell you a funny story

I was coming back home from school one day after a day of school teaching. I had been working there for quite some time and was well known in the school community. There were parents and of course teachers who knew me very well and were probably driving along, making their way home as I walked by.


I popped on my sunglasses and was headed toward to the train station then something strange happened. Cars that were driving past me suddenly stopped and the passengers poked out of the window to look at me.


"Was I really that attractive today?" I wondered. 


Finally, I reached the train station and walked down the steps, a man smoking a cigarette looked up at me. His mouth opened and the cigarette fell to the ground.


"I really should wear this outfit again." I thought. 


I sat down and took off my sunglasses only to realise that one of the lenses had fallen out on the way... they must have thought I was mad.



You can't change the past so you might as well laugh at it.