for relaxation, calm, sleep and healing



Stress is a terrible thing that can rob the body of much needed rest. We can become increasingly: tired, irritable  and unhappy if we are constantly anxious.

Changing the equation for us and our loved ones can be helped by using the right supplements. 

Magnesium (plus B complex), Turmeric and certain foods that help the and body to work better and to calm down.




There are therapies like Aromatherapy  Lavender and Jasmine are calming. Peppermint and Rosemary can help with concentration and learning. Melatonin helps with sleep.




Issues with the gut can dissolve with the right attention. Olive Leaf can help to treat nasties in the digestive tract. Probiotics can then help to replenish this area. The gut is the little brain and may need a helping hand.... Krill  oil is great for the brain and is more stable then most fish oils and less inclined to spoil.









Melatonin can help them sleep. Swinging on a hammock or going into a tent  can help calm them. Playing Baroque music can help them to calm and focus.




Help is on the way.

If all else fails pray. It can't hurt, God who made you child  loves them and will help you.