Fashion Extra


Hair left out to flow can create allure. It flows and it shimmers. It can look thick and lustrous, wavy and soft. Taking the time to nourish your long hair. It will make all the difference to your dressing and make your style all the more amazing.




Invest in a  maxi with those romantic, long, florals. The look terrific and are perfect for the weekends.


They relaxed but chic, inviting you to be comfortable and feel attractive.


Let the shoes or  accessories match the dress and if you can’t match it then go for a neutral skin tone or plain black that will blend in.


Shoes can accent what you are wearing help you outfit to stand out.

When the clothing is plain, its the shoes or accessories that we notice.


Accentuate your best features.

Look for blouses with a flattering neckline to frame your face.

Emphasis your figure with long a thick dark belt. 


Smile because it makes people  notice you.


Looking dazzling in a white blouse or dress.


The light colour will help to give your face that soft glow and give you a fresh feel.

White is a classic colour and always in fashion.


  Gorgeous dressing starts when you feel amazing. Decide to love your looks.

Confident people are noticed.


Supermodels are like this, they never seem like they are trying to look attractive; they know that they already are. It gives them a dignity and a grace which is appealing.


Some combinations are amazing. Pairing tight with full clothing: works.


Fitted skirts with full blouses are classic and are appealing.


Full skirts and fitted tops have been worn a lot over the years.


They look great on together.