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One of My Favourite People is Nick Vujicic. 

You may have heard of him. He is a man with no limbs.  He decided not to let his problems cramp his style. Now he travels the world as a motivational speaker, encouraging people to think amazing and live phenomenal lives.

Astonishing isn’t it?

While we are looking for excuses for having a lazy read in bed on the weekend, Nick, who has all the excuses under the sun, to lie around: insists on living an adventurous life – anyway. He doesn’t let his limitations stop him. He is an all-round sportsman: surfing, swimming, playing golf and skydiving. (How on earth does someone like Nick swim? Good question – he tells us that he is very buoyant because of lot of his body is made up of lungs.)

Nick was born without limbs. This was huge for him, so without help he wasn’t be able to move, eat or even dress himself. When he went to school, he had a writing pencil fitted to his foot and toes, which he called his “chicken wing” because of its strange shape. When he was six his father,  taught him to type with his toe. School was stressful and by the age of ten he was depressed and suicidal. If it wasn’t for the encouragement of his family and his faith, he may not have made it.

Having these kinds of disabilities would have been too much for most people, but not for him.

Nick tells us –

'I decided to be thankful for what I do have, not get angry about what I don't.

'I looked at myself in the mirror and said: 'You know what the world is right that I have no arms or legs, but they'll never take away the beauty of my eyes.' I wanted to concentrate on something good that I had.'

He never gave up even when things got rough. By the age of nineteen he had his first speaking engagement. He has since become an inspiration to many. Nick Vujicic is one of my heroes.